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Photoshoot Friday! (Taken with Instagram)

Nico and I are launching our reworked vintage line at EPIC in echo park tonite! (Taken with Instagram)

Nobody knows (Taken with instagram)

Black flamingo shoot (Taken with instagram)

Black Flamingo  Music Video Still

This sums up my coachella experience. Photo by Stephanie


Hiroshi Kagiyama and photographer’s Jimi Franklin and Shunya Arai from HUGE Magazine in Japan (@HUGE_mag) came over to hang with the Black Flamingo (@blckflmngo) girls for a bit before our Monday night show at The Echo (Which was soooo fun!) We sang Zombie for them in a somewhat a capella manor. Keep a look out for us in the May 2012 issue!



Family of the Year and The Courtesy Tier in Austin at SXSW. You guys are all amazing!



Our new hit


Where does love go when it leaves?

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